Raizer Arena is a "Battle Arena" style game developed for the Windows, Mac & Linux platform and in the future for the Android platform. The game consists of a two player battle in an arena. Developed on a 3D setting the game will be set in the blue skies of an alternate dimension, where Emperors amuse themselves with their destructive creations. The player will take on the role of a battle robot that may represent nature or chaos.


Therefore, you must destroy your enemy before he has a chance to destroy you.

How To Play

-   To win you must defeat your enemy by shooting at hi

-   To lose you must die first, losing life

-   Use the shields to gain strategic advantage

-   Player one uses Joystcik to play

-   Player Two will use the keyboard arrows and the P & O buttons

-   Play many times!


-   This is (for now) a school project, all the assets used in the game are NOT for commercial use.

-   All assignments will be in the credits of the game.

-   Please give us your feedback.

Pontificara Universidade Católica de Campinas

Campinas, São Paulo – Brazil.

Install instructions

Download file;

Remove from Zip;

Click the .exe file;



Final Build for PC.zip 27 MB

Development log

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